An Informative Dream

The sky turns blue from darkness to light,

Ushering in a bright new day

An overload of information

Attempting to cross our ways

Every day we struggle to make sense of what we see

And what we perceive and want to be


What I will see, what I will do

Is to study information science,

To help people develop and grow

And now you know


I can be the following:

A data scientist,

Or analyst

Or information architect

Or an IT specialist


There is more than that I can be

Let my dream go on

Here’s the issue that I am dealing with:


It’s funny how getting money

To pay for college; it’s quite hard

The same goes for anybody

Who plans for college in the cards!


Here’s the plan I want to do:

Use the power of information

To bring college admissions education

To libraries!


From selection to editing

Personal statements that need revising

With counselors and financial aid

To make sure that tuition gets paid!


Streamline college consulting in libraries

Let my dream go on…


I’ll go to grad school for education placement

I’ll study a Master’s in Information Management

So my dream can be realized and benefit communities

That’s what my job will be, to create opportunities!


To change schools and libraries

Empower people to pay universities

So they can enjoy and learn

So the world doesn’t have to burn


Here I stand, facing a bright new day

To let my dream go on

To solve this issue that I am dealing with


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