One Job, One Sound


One job may change my life

One job may consume my life

So I cannot resume my life

One job may take my soul

Replace my whole with holes

One job may never end


I don’t want a job

I want a passion,

A love

So that I might one day rise above

The need to satisfy my needs materially

That I might receive the need to need spirituality

And divine morality

Beyond the seeds of greed and frailty

Of the soul

And spread virtues through virtuosity

To peak my fellow man’s curiosity

In his fellow man,

Doing whatever he can

To lend a helping hand

And join in singing together

Until we have sung forever


Let me play music

Not as a rock star, a pop star

Or hip-hop star

Let me be the man on the street

Whose eyes we all meet,

The one with the earthly beat

Felt from beneath our feet

From the prairie’s grass to the city’s concrete

The song the wind blows

And every child knows

Every bird sings

Every ear rings

And every deaf man thinks


I want to travel,

To unravel the mysteries of the human heart

And learn how every part

Of the world praises in song

And nothing is wrong

Until long after the last sound stops

The last echo drops

And all that’s left is the silence

Of human hearts beating in rhythm

And lungs braething


And out


And out

That deafening silence


Some people see my job,

My one job,

As a mere hobby,

Something to distract from the real world

But I have never felt a more real world

Than the one I feel through sound

Surrounding all around me

Surmounting in abounding glory

The sounds that allowed connection

From pauper to prince,

And everyone before or since

To a higher power

That the real world can’t reach

And words and numbers can’t teach


This is my one job,

My one life.

My one world

With one soul.

My one job


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