The Road To Recovery


United States
28° 38' 45.2796" N, 81° 3' 51.9336" W
United States
28° 38' 45.2796" N, 81° 3' 51.9336" W

It could happen in a second

A second is all it takes

One wrong step, a powerful impact

And the human body breaks


The doctor will work his magic

To try and make you new

But what's left is to recover

And that is up to you


This path to recovery

It's a long process, you see

Ask me how I know that

Well, the injured one was me


It was one wrong step that did it

It took my body from its best

But the people around me said "no, keep going"

When what I really needed was rest


Some think an injury only hurts the body

Let me tell you, it hurts the soul

And it took a very special person

That person made me whole


Who was that person? you ask

He was a physical therapist for me

He listened, worked, and cared

And took me through recovery


It wasn't just my back he fixed

But he fixed my pride too

He told me "it's ok to be hurt"

It's our willpower that gets us through


It was then that I knew

It was a physical therapist I wanted to be

I can relate to hurt athletes

It's their best interest I would see


I would help them to recover

It can be very trying

I'd see them through the good and bad

Through the tears of happiness or crying


To me, it's not just a job

It's a career, it's a passion to me

What better way to serve others

Than helping them as help was there for me


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