An Animator I Wish To Be


How many steps will it take for me to get there? 

How many hours in a day, a week, will I waste? 

A path full of competitors and deceivers 

All trying to get to the same place 

Competition is fierce and I am afraid 

My future, in pieces, floating through space 

John Lasseter, the czar of Pixar 

In my eyes, a king upon a throne

Looking through me, down below me 

Yet unseeing, like I don’t exist

I suppose animation is a skill I want to learn 

I suppose its a talent I wish, I yearn for 

I know for a fact I am trapped 

Captured, and I want to escape 

To break the chains tying me down 

To leave my home and find a new town 

Whether its Walt Disney’s magical kingdom 

Or some place else where I can film for my freedom 

Yet I doubt myself, frown upon myself

I wonder: “Am I good enough for this?” 

This faraway dream; how far away is it from me? 

One step away or one million scholarships 

Plus overworked hours with no pay? 

Is it worth taking those steps? 

Or is my head too clouded to see 

The foolishness in my heart, inside me? 

I throw away those doubts into the trashcan 

With a grin on my face, I take the first step

Towards beginning my plan to see the man

The creator, the czar, the king of Pixar

And maybe impressing him with my thoughts? 

And maybe, hopefully, become an animator 

A writer, a dreamer, a visual designer, 

For Walt Disney’s Animated Pixar. 


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