I Dream Poetry

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 15:06 -- cramat

I dream poetry

There is nothing that excites me more

More than transcribing thoughts I may never share

More than reading out loud to find what sounds best

More than giving my ideas life and form on paper with pencil

Because poetry is my passion

Because poetry outlines who I am

To me, poems are containers that never run out of space

Where thoughts can be stored, then organized, then rearranged

Some thoughts are thrown out

Others stay to fill in the spaces

Or make bigger ones

Sometimes, the space is so big that you need another box

But there's never a need to worry of filling up too many

This is poetry, and we all can have as many boxes as we want

Have you ever won an award?

I win one every time I find the right word to end a line

Have you ever been really happy?

I'm all smiles when the closing line seals the box

Have you ever been proud of yourself?

My pride comes from the audience

Whose claps thunder in a closed room

Whose cheers reverberate off walls

Whose smiles match their intrigue: full and prospering

I'll never admit it to them

But knowing that they like what I write puts my smile in plain sight

Just knowing that in a world of lively beings, flashing lights, and petty distractions

The audience focuses on me more than all else

That makes me feel great

That makes my poems more than just poems

They become embodyments of thoughts

That link minds and hearts together

They break down age and origin

They demolish what separates us so we can all attend thoughts and memories that stem from subject manner

Imagine this

The old man and his teenage son have a million differences

But they can find a similarity in my words about heartbreak

The son remembers one

The father remembers them all

But they remember together

That's why I write

To connect, as well as craft

To relate, as well as remember

If I could be a poet forever, I'd live my dream

Like how my dreams live forever on my notebook's pages


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