Life Is simple under the Moonlight


I sit in constant worry, wishing on a star.

What I will I do that could change my life…forever?

Will I make it that far?

My mind is conflicted. Anxiety is consuming me.

Is there a possibility I would even get a degree?


Who am I? Someone who is staring death in the face

Because she is afraid of the future.

I do not want to be a disgrace.


Money is on my mind

“Pick a career that you love! Not for the money!” I am told.

But the economy is unkind

I am afraid of having a marriage like my parents, bitter and drowning in debt.

What am I supposed to do? There are too many options

I am afraid of picking the wrong one

I don’t even know where to start yet.


There is one thing I am sure of, that whatever I choose

I can work with it. I’ll make it work.

I could fall down, and want to quit, but I won’t do that.

I will get back up, and try even harder.


Maybe I’ll be a Vet, Or a Nurse, like I wanted to be when I was young

Or I could Major in Business or Computer Science, and take college level math courses that I might be bound to fail.

I want to have an exciting life. I want to live, and to see what the world has to offer.

Something will change my life.

And I will accept it.







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