Numeris, The Travel Of Life


So here it goes, the message in a bottle, the 100 year travel.

It may be a little outdated but the message hasn't faded. 
I can read you the words if you're willing to hear, so come near my friend, come here.
I've thrown a bottle into the ocean, expecting no one to save me. 
My name is unknown and remains a secret can't you see I was lost at sea?
I hear all the pretty things that come with the waves. 
A school underwater with roaming gray creatures awaiting my passing. 
The stars don't light up my way tonight but remind me that my time has come. 
I won't see the sun again.
The fish became my friends.
My message lives forever. 
Death is a shock, "no never".

And when you find yourself standing with a cigarette, you're living to take your life away.


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