D.ream J.ob

I've watched countless EDM (electric dance music) festivals on YouTube and each time, I feel my adrenaline uncontrollably pumping.  I feel like an excited child waiting for the ice cream truck to make it up the street.  I sit in my chair throwing my hands in the air in every direction.  I always put myself in the DJ's position, I picture myself performing in front of thousands of people.  Everyone is there for me. Everyone is there having a great time.  I feel as I direct the crowd to how I want them to react.  I can build an anticipating rush and suddenly drop the bass and have the crowd scream and jump and just go wild! Or I can put on a groovey beat for everyone to dance to and just catch their breath.  I want everyone to feel energetic and joyful as I would.  I want to create everlasting memories. I want my friends and fans to tweet about the performance.  I want this.


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