"So What Do You Want To Do?"


Deeply I inhale the future’s uncertainty

I should keep it all together to exhale some worry

Eyes watered down, “Can you please repeat the question?”

The counselor replies over the drum in my chest and


It’s okay, I’m alright.


I’ll just tell him science is not for me

But my parents’ desires still bare heavy to please

Just another reminder my dreams are a size bulky


XXXL and that’s fine cuz art composed my soul

Shuffling some notes and skept past the ole tempo

Art never failed me so I’ll let him know


Mister put me with the revolutionaries!

The ones with mud on their hands and Clay under their feet

The ones with paint stuck in their nails from trying to move the world with influence

Running longer than the movers and the shakers’ kin doing

Creators thriving on universal creativity

Pulling all -nighters to splurge on some paintings

Flaming movements an ocean couldn’t get to in a quenching


So Yes, I think I’ll take that job, and travel that path

And yes I know some went in and never came back

But I choose to be Manager of Oil and Acrylic

Supplies who provide the Eden to my inner kid


Oh another artist, It’s cliche, I get it

Already, I’m tired of everyone that keeps asking,

‘You want that for a career?, Honey, maybe a Plan-C?

Are you sure? Maybe it should stay a hobby.”

Yeah I’m sure

Anyhow, brows up and palms down, the counselor proceeds,

“Okay, We’ll change your major, shift some classes around maybe.”

Yeah I’m sure I am a traditional artist, it’s my career

So to make it clear and let's keep it there


My dream job is to paint positivity

Perhaps sculpt some new obscenities

One stroke to influence the world of a tomorrow

One stroke, a cup over-filled running with hope

Blues and Yellows to tell the woman to keep her head up

Some Earth clay for Man who never gave up

Leftovers are served on my dinner dream plate (palette?)

Feeding my privately learned lessons to educate


And who knows where my dream job will take me

Art advertising something or caught on the big screen,

Under city lights or taped in between

Determination gives possibilities a deed to remain endless


But in the meantime, between the times

I’ll continue to love what I do

Inspiration is this queen’s dream come true

Ha! I’ll take what I learn and press it with fresh paint

And leave a stain on society’s cute clothing

Soon to be at least a little messy


And it keeps counting when it comes to the cost

On behalf of what they thought I lost

Not sorry to say I only gained with a side of new perspective

Go to class, stay focused, enjoy, and be blessed

The choice I walk sells healthy stress


Motivation I bought for the choices made today

Treaded on thin waters didn’t make it a mistake

It meant it was never too late


My work has already changed my life

So now it’s about changing others

Keeping others informed of the sun thats soon to come up.

And this dream will then begin to nurture the bigger ones


Organize charity to break the cycles

A theme park for my sisters who deserve to smile

Spreaded word to do some kindness

All from exhibiting paint-to-face combat


The change one job could bring

When its been fought for continually

So, "Thank you again counselor.

Please have a nice day."


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