A Soul's Battle


Feets that walked the dirt street without shoes

Rough hands layered with dirt and dust,

A stomach that ached from hunger,

A future condemned by poverty.


This soul saved by the integrity of others

Escaped from the ever pitiless fate of Penia,

Only to find out the devil will never let go of it’s prey.

Let it be known that this prey will not comply to its sentence.


At birth, this soul has been doomed to a life of discrimination,

To never know the taste of equality.

Birth was her sin. Lucifer will not let her go unpunished,

But neither will she surrender to his wrath.


Angered by her fate of neverending hatred,

Whether it be from her own kind or others.

The words “You cannot do that because you are a girl not a boy”, or

“Go back to your own country”

These words attack her from every angle

But she will not succumb like those before her.

With the blessings of Ares, her battle continues.


Being a doctor who saves the souls like her,

Souls who are condemned to a life without access to medical attention,

Souls whose only sin was birth.


Where souls without homes reside and death prospers,

That is where she will be.

Allowing others another chance at life, just as she was given another life.


Releasing them, and aiding them in their fight against Death.

That is the wish of a soul that barely escaped from the hands of poverty.

Each soul she saves from the hands of Lucifer,

opens each door that will allow her to prove

Gender and Race does not play a role in determining capability.


Judgmental eyes may stare her down like an owl watching its dinner

Waiting for the right moment to swoop her up and swallow her whole.

But just as the Light Brigade charged towards death

She will continue on this path of thorns.

This soul will no longer surrender and hide.





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