Dream Job


My dream job is to be a pediatrician.

This I know is not fiction.

I want to help the kids around me

So that they can grow up to be

The finest adults you'll ever see.


Eight long years of medical school

After four hard years of working like a mule

Is what it takes for me to get

The dream job over which I continuously sweat

After this goal was set.


Residence training is a must.

It is here where many people's dream combust.

But I will give it my all

Because I believe this is my call

And I have come to far to fall.


We all know that there is a cost.

Looking at the price for schooling, I'm at a loss.

But as long as my friends and family are there

I will have less to fear.

I know that they will give all the support that they can spare.



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