One Ride



Working forty hour weeks

At a job you don’t belong

Nobody appreciative of your efforts


The snow has finally melted

After eight long months of isolation

Sound of whinnying in a distance

One ride won’t hurt, will it?


Pulling the majestic creature

From her muddy, dirty, winter pen

Brushing her coat beautiful

Just for one ride


Climbing on and walking off

Freedom- wind blowing wild in my face

Heart racing with each four beat step

What’s one ride?


A little nudge and we are off like a rocket

Barreling at high speeds

Red, orange, and yellow skies

With a never ending world ahead


Now I ask again, what is one ride?

One ride could be a forever ride.

One ride could be a dream career.


Exhausted but happy

Working over forty hour weeks

At a job you belong

Everybody is appreciative of your efforts


Wake up each morning

Look out the window

Count your four legged blessings

One, two, three, four….



I really need to go to school. Please help me!


Love it Abbie great job

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