Keys To Happiness


853 Emilio Pl. Canutillo, Texas
United States
31° 54' 40.3596" N, 106° 35' 25.6488" W

Lighting ears is hard to do

The sounds need to be perfect, to reach a break through

It's called music, the sounds you hear

No matter the genre, it's something people keep dear


There's rock, rap, pop, country, and more

That's way more than you could ever ask for

What excites the most is that we can replicate

The rhythms and blues of this language's trait


It can bring people together or help them heal

It can make life as we see, it so surreal


One job could embrace all of this

This job would create eternal bliss

A creator of music, blends it all together

This creator can build notes and keys no matter the weather


Showing others how to play

Is something I strive for every day

Because when I see the the look on their face

It takes me to a higher place


When I teach others I want them to reminisce

About how this one job led me to happiness




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