What If...


What if I could earn my degree in college?

What if I could go to Japan?

What if I could get paid to edit manga?

Or what if I'm turned down?

What if they say nay,

what if, what if, WHAT IF?!

I'm sick of those words

because they only doubt my ability

to do great things.

To experience life in the eyes of a new culture,

to fulfill my dreams and passion,

to deny my right to happiness.

How about giving a dreamer a hand?

What if i'm praised for my skills in writing?

What if I wow the crowd and get the job?

What if I'm finally famous?

What if I'm the person I was born to be?

They'll educate me,

teach me,

show me,

explain to me,

all I need to be to make my dreams into realities.

Inspire with my work,

design magic with the stems of my mind,

and illuminate your eyes with color and imagination.

I'll show you never any patterns,

but you'll think about my verse in lovely manner.

How about that for a "What If"?



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