It Is My Job



I was the one with the burgundy hair 


I was the one with the smile on my face


The music as my residents dance there way around

One in a wheel chair

One making noises

The others looking at me for the next step

I moved my arms from side to side

My residents move their arms along

These residents bring light to this building

I smiled as one of my resident smile with his bright face

I wasn't a nurse

Although I can see myself being one

I wasn't a physical therapist

Although many have told me I should be

I'm an activity aide

My job is to make these residence happy and comfortable

Though this nursing home might not be their real home

It is my job to make them feel like it is 

It is my job to make them happy 

It is my job to create a family in this facility

My job may seem easy

But to make these people happy

knowing that they've been through a lot 

Is never easy

And this is that one job... the definitely have changed my life.


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