Fit the Frame

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 02:52 -- K Lo

Late at night I slave away,

my fingers feeling raw

My weary eyes are drooping fast,

my knuckles at them claw.


Why do I put myself through this? 

This never-ending toil?

I took out loans, I've gathered debt

And now my health is spoil'd.


Yet here I am, and signing up

For the semester next

I'm filling in that class schedule

I'm buying books of text.


There's one thing that keeps pushing

Me through these years of school.

It's not the parties, friends nor cash

That makes my insides drool.


No, just on the horizon,

I can see my dream

Just a small dash against the sun

Still, I like to watch it gleam.


I want to go to Hollywood

I want to see the lights

To stand behind the camera

To catch the choreographed fights.


If only I could make it

Just get my foot in the door

For just one gig on Sunset

That's what I'm working for. 


Some people think I'm crazy

Others call me naiive

But as strive towards that one job

I can't help but believe.


Though I may not be famous

Or even known at all

My life would all be worth it

If I got just one crew call.


There's something just like magic

That hangs beyond my reach

And if I work hard enough

I'll be on the So-Cal beach.


It's not about the money,

It's not about the fame

I just want to work in Hollywood

So I can fit my frame.


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