A Passion That Will Change My life Forever


That "Sizzle" you hear coming from the non-stick pan 

The sweet smells of sauces being stirred by the spoon in my hand 

Orders coming like punches left & right

But just like Mayweather my crew & I aren’t giving up without a fight

When Homo sapiens want to nourish their abdomens

They will come all over the country to “Kiyonna’s Dine-In!”

Where the salad is the freshest & the protein is rare

Come see what I have to offer, it will make you stare

“Buzz..Buzz” is the sound of my alarm

I wake up, get out my bed, & wipe the slobber off my arm

After reminiscing about the dream I just acquired

I am filled with joy but more so inspired

Culinary is a talented type of fine art

So achieving a degree at the best school is where I would like to start

I see my vision in North America, Asia, Europe, and Africa

“How do you plan on achieving this goal?” I don’t know yet I’ll have to get back to “ya”

Cooking is my passion and it will change my life forever

So from this point until the very end, following my dreams will only get BETTER!  


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