What I Wish to Be

Growing up, we were asked to choose

Doctor, Lawyer, and Princess too.

There was only one job that I

Ever thought could change my life

And still be enough.


Reading, writing, critical thinking.

Of being an English teacher is what I'm thinking.

To help kids learn, while still learning myself,

Teachers are oft the most important thing

In the world.


While we underestimate

Just what a teachers job is to do,

My one goal in life

Is to be an English teacher too.

As a child, I watched my mother teach,

While reading to her students

It somehow felt complete.


To help students learn how to write

And to speak in a way that is right

To teach them how to fly

In a world they created on their own.

For me, there's no question why

Since the answer is plain to see

What I wish to be

Is an English teacher, toot sweet.


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