More than just a job


motivation is Key
if you wish to succeed
Wake up pumped
to achieve that one job
more than  job
its a career that keeps
you smiling even when 
engineering new technology
used worldwide
dependent on that device that 
could take over the world 
when you blink your eyes
Minds swirled
transform the world
but before achieving that one job
education is the key
to open all the doors
but most importantly 
to open YOUR door
procrastination is the enemy
emptiness grasps your mind
grab your mind bitterly
for it is endlessly
like a floating house
fuck physics
math and science absent
the floating house floats on
defying and surprising
college bound yet oblivious
of the adversity ahead
one target
the life that one
career will grant
and adventure only imagined
a divergent life


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