The world is divided between haves and have nots

Some are blessed with electricity, entertainment ,and energy

others blessed with malnurishment, murder , and minimal possesions 

We all bask under a sun that does not evenly patrition its light 

Picking and choosing when and where its blissfull rays will fall

Our earth is a playroom fatefully lacerated in two 

And like a vending machine, who know no reason,  children are given a side

For the chosen few, lays a bountifull river of crisp clean toys that fulfill every want 

And for the greater populace ,a dismall dry wasteland awaits them 

his crooked line has no course

It divides all people under the sun

The world is divided into haves and have nots

I intend to change that

My goal is to feed those who lack food

Clothe those who have never owned a shirt

And give shelter to those who never have known a home

I don't just want to just live a complacent , comfortable life

I want to cross the crooked line and give others the chance to live their own.



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