Dream Career


Extractions, fillings, and drillings

Placing crowns on pearls

Brightening a future

Bracing the serpentine white line

Cleaning away remnants of the past

All just parts of my soon to be dream


Dental School is on the horizon

Engineering the birth of a national chain

Night, after night, after enamel night

Tirelessly studying

Intricate, precise, routine procedures.

School years just pilling on top of the first 17,

Trained hands, now in demand


No decay stands in my way.

I’ll remove it like a root canal,

Fill pit trap cavities with ease,

Vacuum up the excess with a vortexing breeze.

Some don’t believe in me, but achieve I shall,

Just to bring out a rotting gum-lined frown owned by the people who tell me nay.


Being a dentist is not a dream anymore,

It’s a reality in the making.

The path may come with a doctorate in the end,

But I will have a Dr. in the beginning.



I'm glad this is similar to Edgar Allen Poe in some way. I love his work, but I didn't know it would affect my writing.


Love this poem for I'm becoming a dentist too. It brings great joy to my heart that someone is following the same dream as me. I like how your poem portrays a dentist as a heroic figure which is very true in some many ways. Love the poem and good luck on your way to becoming a dentist. Keep writing on my friend. 


Thank you for the support. It's so hard to find someone else who also wants to be a dentist.

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