To Be My Own

To every single thought, burning desire
That prevails in each
Both the quiet and loud, sound of fire
To complete what has been born.

Of my own self, I have found many things
That are a portion of me;
Both the quiet and loud, yes they sing
For a reason God comprehends.

Shout-out to creativity and splendid traits
That benefit and effect
For good. This world's dying state,
With simplicity, I digress.

To form and create, manage and own
What I can call mine
Without relying on others' loan
Whose words are like the wind.

To begin with myself, start with me
And put together contentment
That I can accurately see
This world from joy's point of view

My own business and book,
Yes, an entrepreneur
Fearless against the winds mistook
Economic instability

To be my own, worth the risk
Of this world's shaking
Though it be different, such brisk
Decisions, it is I
That wil take on this bisque
Mess of a world
Simply because, to be me is worth the risk.



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