A shot in the dark


My name is Derrick Lawson and I come from the ‘Bridge,

Where people try to make some money

and they’re dying to live.

My dream job is business,

working with technology,

be friends with Bill Gates,

or maybe become his prodigy.

I meant to say protégé,

But if it doesn't go that way,

create my own site and programs would be the only way.

Waking up coding a program that can track your health,

or design a website to help accommodate your wealth.

Either way it’s coding;

I’m creating a vision.

I want people to see my talent,

not the way that I’m living,

Because people are quick to judge.

And I feel if you want to judge me,

rate my programs from 1 to 5,

a 5 showing is that you love me.

So when that future comes and you’re trying to download my games,

just visit my website and leave a comment next to your name,

I’ll make sure to say thanks for the love and support,

But until that time comes it’s just a wonderful thought.

A thought that this one job may change my life

Take me out this poverty world built off guns and knives

If I ever get a chance

 to pursue this as my career

Power Poetry made it happen

To show the world my ideas 

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