Where I'll Make My Future Place


They say pick a route.

They say choose a dream.

Well, I'm not backing out

So I'll let my thoughts become a live stream.


My dream job is obscure

Pharmacy isn't thought of in my small town,

And my parents never rose much above the line of secure

Poverty, so I always knew life wouldn't be a touchdown.

A grocery store bagger is she,

A dirt worker is he.

But these dreams of mine, hoping for a Christmas tree

With real needles raining down debris.


I want to move to find more

Opportunities. College is exciting,

Looking at the classes, medicine at its core.

I can't even think of why someone would be fighting

To go for their goals,

To better other's health,

I know when I get there I can't wait to help all the souls
With whatever I gain, called wealth.


Nine to five,

A reputation of a friendly face,

The first to shine, looking alive.

Where I'll make my future place.




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