A job is not something


A job is not something you do just for money.

A job is fufilling and sweet like honey.

A job should be something you enjoy and love.

A job should be something that makes you rise above.


A job should never feel like work,

regardless if you are a doctor , teacher , or  a desk clerk.

The job i'd have that would change my life;

Would be a journalist , using the pen as a knife.


Journalism is a way of expressing free thought;

Lighting up the words on a page like 100 watts.

Becoming a jorunalist would change my life;

Because through words I can express happiness , and strife.


Through my words I can make you feel emotion,

The power of my words creates a hypnotizing potion.

Not many can reach out and grab by their words

But when I write, my thoughts fly like birds.


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