I Just Want To Be A Kid


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United States
33° 58' 0.5772" N, 84° 26' 36.6792" W

My dream job would be: a kid.


Now, that may seem utterly ridiculous.

Well, it's "right" to think that, in a way.

Experience may say differently to my choice,

But first, hear what I have to say. 


The ignorance of a child is their downfall, but also makes them the wisest of them all, in truth.


I was eight years old when I first saw my little sister cry,

My parents couldn't get her to dry her pretty blue eyes.

I took one look at her, held her tiny hand, and looked straight into her eyes

I was serious, quiet, mature as the situation "would" call for....

Then I crossed my eyes and stuck out my tongue, stretching my generous cheeks like a monkey,

I ran all over the house, daring her chase me out of her sadness,

Her laughter rang throughout the house, shaking the walls,

And within the next hour, I saw her standing on her own, straight and tall.


I was ten years old when I first got a concussion.

I tripped on a rug, and didn't get back up.

Next thing I knew, I woke up dizzy with a pain-staking head ache, just my luck.

But in the emergency room, I ignored the pain in my head for the adventure in my heart,

I raced through the halls on a wheelchair my mother had borrowed.

The doctor scolded me, but I didn't care.

I succeeded in my efforts;

For after such a long night, my family were all finally again smiling at me,

Instead of straining their own brains with worry.

By chance, I looked across the hall and beamed.

In a dark corner, I could see that a tiny child with no hair, and a machine ticking away her time in the opposite room,

Was silenty laughing at me.


I was twelve years old when I first wanted to go to a sleepover.

My mother cried on my bed, begging me to stay home instead.

She always worried that she would lose me.

She didn't trust the cold, mean world to hold her treasure.

I just bear-hugged her into continuous laughter;

I joked, and listened, and paid attention to her.

The next day, we watched cartoons all day with my sister,

In the background I could hear a faint voicemail saying that my friends hoped I felt better, being out "sick" and all.

I just smiled at my frail mother and turned the volume up louder.


There is a difference between intelligence and wisdom.

Intelligence is seeing the light of what something is, while wisdom is having the ability to shine that light on the darkness, no matter what the consequence. 

Now, if you could only have one of the two,

Which would you choose?



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