Things To Pass On To My Kids

I want my children to experience nature.

Not just through a TV Screen

But through tangible experiences

Out in the mud or at the beach, spending time with wildlife.

Feeling the rain pour down on their skin

And hearing the lighting crack through the air

I want them to not fear the earth, but not think they are stronger than it

Because nature and humans go hand in hand

And if you respect nature, nature will respect you back


I want my kids to never feel scared for being outside in a ‘bad’ part of town

No child should have to grow up fearing the outdoors

There should be no ‘bad’ part of town

For it is a wonderful world out there

But when we fill their minds with fear that is all they know

And we only have ourselves to blame for that


I want my kids to never be afraid of an animal

 No matter how big or small, no matter how many eyes, legs, or teeth it has

However, understand animals are not predictable and give them the respect they deserve

But when they see a lost dog on the side of the road,

Instead of feeling sorry for the dog I want them to save it

Feed it, give it a bath, find its owner and if they cannot at least give it home


I hope my children never have to know what its like to go hungry,

 But I want them to know how hard it must be, to live without food

And to take that compassion and feed the hungry

Take time out of his or her day and give it to someone who needs it more


I want my children not to waste all their time fretting over grades

For you can learn 10 times more in hands on experiences,

Than you can learn in any classroom or from any textbook

A book won’t teach you people skills

A book may lay out in words the signs of a tornado

But if you cant look in the sky and point out the signs

Your knowledge is worthless


I want them to never feel foolish for who there are

Whether they believe they are a princess till they are 81 years old

Or if they follow through with their dreams to move out west to become a cowboy

I never want my children to feel guilty because of their goals


Most of all,

I want my children to live in a world where their innocence won’t be stripped from them.

I don’t want to have to tell them how scary it is out there

But I can’t protect them everything

I don’t want them to know that statistically some of their friends are being assaulted by their family members

I don’t want them to have to worry about aborting a child or even know how terrible abortion is


But I need for them to know, because although the truth is scary, there is power in knowledge.

And I can’t make every choice for them

 but I can give them truth and pray they make the right one






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