One Job

There are a lot of jobs out there to choose from, I must say,

But only one do I dream of having one day.

Rather than stretch it out and keep it a mystery

I'll tell you my dream job is a teacher of history.

There are a few things in life that in my way stand,

And a $1000 scholarship would be a big helping hand.

This goal of mine to become a teacher is not an easy one to reach,

It takes hours upon hours of listening to professors teach.

Taking what they taught me and utilizing that knowledge

Would require me to pay for and graduate from college.

College will not be free, it will cost a lot.

It takes thousands of dollars up front, and this, be sure, I have not.

This is the journey that I soon hope I am able to embark on,

I can't imagine doing anything else, t'd be as odd as a dark dawn.

Every single teacher that I have ever had,

Whether they were a good teacher, or a strict teacher, or even the ones that were bad,

Has taught me something that I will take with me for the rest of my life,

Whether it was how to manage my time and get work done, or how to avoid strife.

My point is that each teacher has impacted me in a positive way,

And I only hope that students will be able to say that about me one day.

I wish to mold the next generation of youth, just as my teachers have with mine,

Teach them what I know of truth, and give them the bottom line.

I want to educate students on their history, lest they be doomed to repeat it,

Teach them how to pick a goal and then how to complete it.

My dream job doesn't sound like much, but it will mean the world to me.

I can only hope that I can get there some day, for I know my journey is far from free.


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