Just One Job...May Change My Life


We dream of it, we think constantly about it, we picture ourselves living it

From the moment we were given the idea, until the moment we've reached the point of success

It is the only "future" we imagine. It is the only road we are prepared to travel

It is our Dream Job.


Now it's time to make our dream a reality

It is time to pick up our pieces and turn them to something whole.

It is time to make what we have envisioned the past few years our day to day lives. 

It is our New Job


Now it's time to get up

Experience the day as that firefighter, teacher, cook, or nurse

It is time to get up, get dressed, gather your things and head to work

You are finally here, the place you dreamed of a year ago.


Now it's time to look back, back at the past 30 years

Look at how far you came during your career, the advances that came your way.

It is time to look at all the effort thats paid off .

You reached your goals, you made your dreams come true. 


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