A Sarcastic Writer? How Original.


Why write when Tim Horton’s has the NEW RED VELVET CUPCAKE?

When Zara’s new floral jeans are $49.99?

They also sell knitted sweaters, flat rim hats, faux gold necklaces, OPI nail polish, Mavi jeans

There are so many things






Pizza Hut


How do you fit into it all?

How do you make an impact?

I want to be a writer—a surveyor of the trivialities of our time

Bare feet on bathroom entrance mat

Grey covers over left shoulder

In front of the long rectangular mirror

Mascara on left eye clumped together

Dry mouth, lack of saliva, swollen tonsils

I want to be a novelist—an archaeologist excavating everyday life

Blogs, backpacks, iPhones, Wunderbar, GRE prep, Birkenstocks, stripped shirts, turtlenecks

New York City is my next destination

Where people don’t obey red lights when crossing

Where street vendors sell coffee and tacos

Where subway escalators are lined with dirty silver panels

A sarcastic writer moving to New York City to make it big? How original.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very original.........

great poem 

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