“Not Only Will I Want to Get There, I will Get There.”

I only want to help.

I only want to fx the unfixable.

I only want to understand the crazy in people,

The good, bad, psycho, sad.

I want to understand it.


I only want people to feel safe.

I only want people to need me to feel safe.

I only want people to have the justice they deserve,

Whether it's good or bad.

I want people to need me on their journey.


I only want to see the smiles of all that I've helped.

I only want to see them be happy.

I only want to see them go on with their lives,

Even when they once felt that all was lost.

I want to see this change with them.


I want,

I want,

I want.

This is all that I want.

This is all I ever wanted.


But not only will I want,

But I will.

I will understand.

I will know what it's like for others to need me.

I will see the changes people go through.


I will be apart of it all.

To make them feel understood,

To have them need me,

To watch them change.

Just to help is enough or me.


All deserve,

To be understood,

To be new,

To be happy.

I will help them get here.


I will be a psychologist,

And a great one at that

It's a promise not only to you,

But to me as well.

I will get there.






Need to talk?

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