Dreaming High

First and foremost I want to get an MBA

And subsequently making it into the NBA

Basketball’s a passion; to play pro would be a dream

But making it to the league is even harder than it seems

No I’m not the tallest nor am I most athletic

The game’s for entertainment so they won’t be sympathetic

So I’m working on my game, day in and day out

I’ll get there sooner than later ‘cause there is no other way out

I’ve had this dream since I was young, to play ball is my aspiration

I don’t want to be locally known but rather known by the whole nation

I’ll put in the time and effort, nothing of worth was ever easy

I won’t do it for the money because I know that I’m not greedy

I want to play because I value integrity and grit

Regardless of the obstacles, I know I’ll never quit

But numbers don’t lie; my chances of making it are slim

Even if the ship sinks, I’ll be okay ‘cause I can swim

And when I make it, I’ll do my fair share of community service

Help many who are in need and that doesn’t even scratch the surface

I’ll have my opportunity when it’s my time to fly the coop

And I’ll make the most of it because playing ball’d be a dream come true


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