One Job May Change My Life and Many Others

I’ve been told to give up and I’ve been told I would never succeed

And for a long time I would have agreed

Because the negativity inside my head would never go away

It was putting me down each and every day

But I defeated the odds and I’m now a college student

Learning about myself and I have seen great improvement

I am successful, I am smart and I now have faith in my abilities

I want to help those who suffer from my past disabilities

Falling to addiction, cutting and depression

I can help these people and make it my profession

I can barely afford to be attending college

But I want this degree to expand my knowledge

To learn how to really help children in need

Because I know in the end I will succeed

I want to make a change, put my experiences to use

Help those struggling from neglect or abuse

And to overcome the obstacles life puts in their way

Put a smile on their face, each and every day

I want to work with people who need my aid

Because I know how it feels to be put down and betrayed

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