If I Could Have My Dream Job

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 23:50 -- ECLAYE


If I could have my dream job

I would use my voice

Use it to make sounds

Use to make a choice

Use it to make art painted by my mouth

Drawing the images on the canvas of your ears


If I could have my dream job

I would be a singer

Singing my truth and myself

Writing the words the notes the rhythms intertwined

To make music, Art, Passion



If I could have my dream job

I would work like no other

Train my instrument like an Olympian

Every day I would begin again

With the warm ups, the runs, the vocal acrobatics

Use my body, voice, and mind to create my music


Taking classes

Neverending training

Till I'm ready to audition

To record

To make my art

Running on “E”

Being the starving artist but knowing the struggle was worth it


The notes the sounds

Oozing out of my body into the ground

Sprouting and growing more and more everyday

when I’d get to “work”

It wouldn’t feel like work

Or a job

It would feel like life




Insecurities may plague me

but my desire to perform outweighs

The negative thoughts the self doubt

The haters the self hatred

All of it means nothing if I can just sing

My truth

Exposing myself

My soul naked in front of the crowds


And some people may be better

Maybe have more training

More confidence

but there is only one me

and I need to do this for myself

for my family

Failure is not an option

For Failure only comes when I don’t try


If I try

I could land a role on Broadway

Get a record deal

And who knows maybe I’ll be famous

Hopefully I’ll make some money

To support my family

Engage in some philanthropy

To help kids like me

Achieve their dream


Maybe start a movement

Get people talking

Change things up

Touch someone, love

And all through the power of music

All because I sang


So if I could have my dream job

I would sing

And therefore I would live


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