Welcome to Politics.

Welcome to Politics.

Backbone of Iron

In strength there is grace

Words like a warrior

Stern look in her face

And the battle cry is heard

As far as Capital Hill

With firery words

On a legislative bill


They said she couldn't do it,

The little girl with a dream

But as the Congressional foundation shakes,

Then falls the oppresive regieme

And the little congresswomen steps up

And her male peers are all astounded

As she fullfills her purpose 

And the economy's steadfast and grounded


With her passion comes America's future

With her success comes aiding the poor

In her stubborness discrimination is lost

And in her eyes, corruption becomes no more

She will not be beat or comprimised

Her morals will not be tricked

And on her glorious banner will be a simple phrase:

Welcome to Politics.










Mafi Grey

This was really good, keep up the work.

Mafi Grey

This was really good, keep up the work.

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