African Skies


African Skies

I lie in long wait,
Of the day I board the plane,
To African skies.

To live amongst those, 
who take nothing for granted.
My mind will expand.

I will learn to speak,
A language of clicks and pops,
Tongues dancing about.

I will find my way,
forth to a crowded mud hut.
They call it the school.

I stand before them.
Their eyes wide as their white sun,
Thankful for knowledge.

Each day learn more,
gaining insight to culture.
from children of six.

After classes end,
The small villiage is crowded.
I send letters home.

I can't sleep tonight,
I step out to clear my head.
I lay in the grass.

Imense glowing stars
Unharmed by the city smog,
Remind me of home.

I miss Wisconsin,
but I worked hard to be here.
and won't ever leave.

For after this sight
Every star in the West.
Cannot please me now.


-Aberdeen Leary


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