Heroes That Surround You

My dream job is unrealistic.

It will always and forever be.

My dream job is to open eyes

And help others learn to see.


I've always wanted to be a superhero.

I wanted to change the world.

But then it became apparent,

The world is not one boy or girl.


With my superpower,

To be in more than one place at once,

I was going to save the universe,

Peace for all with my guidance


Even if no one knew it was me,

Wars would end and everyone would see.

Peace is possible if you believe

But being a superhero is an unrealistic dream.


The world is a dark and scary place,

Many wish a superhero would save them

But they are all too quick in pace,

To see the heroes that surround them


My dream job is to be a teacher,

It’s not as powerful, but it gets the job done,

To change lives one day at a time,

Is an improvement compared to changing none.


As long as I do my best as a teacher,

And don’t abuse my superpowers,

I can realistically save the world,

Creating the next generation’s influential rulers.


My dream job is unrealistic.

It will always and forever be.

But in a way it is realistic,

Because I’m teaching kids how to believe.



Gorgeous writing and an incredible goal.

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