Take A Chance


Please take a minute and look into my eyes
I'm going to speak a little of my demise  
You see, Just one job could change my life
if you look at me, you can't see my strife
you cant see the pain 
you can't see my life
you didn't see the brain 
that ran around the knife
the girl that didn't know how to  stand
but finally decided to get up.. and ran
how she picked up her feet
didn't submit to defeat
instead she got up , declared this isn't me
Stated : I am more than this
I can do anything... I have a destiny
She lifted her fist to all adversity 
And like that all the agony was dismissed
She spoke to the employer just like this
She knew what he thought was either a hit or miss
It was only the truth and nothing more
Her opportunity was just through that door
She wanted this career more than anything
The thought of it, it made her heart sing
She dreamt of it when she had fallen before
It had made her get up from that bathroom floor
So she stated her case to the man in power before her
A chance that she thought would never occur
Plus she has the skills, the readiness to succeed
And this job is more than want, it's a need
She was prepared to take a knee with this plea
But she stopped because this is no tyranny
it's a choice of his, he's heard it all
Now what's left is only his call
He will decide if she will hit a whole new wall
He simply asks her: if my answer is no, will that make you fall?
She looked him dead in the eyes and said
That answer would fill me with dread, 
it will echo in my head
It will tell me to retreat to bed
But no, no it will not
See, I've learned life doesn't give me only one shot
I won't give up on finding a career in this slot
He looked at her, his eyes lighting with a smile
He knew her mind could take her any distant, any mile
But that heart within her could never be found
Not in any of his employees, no where around
So the next words she heard were "You're hired"
her life changing in 2 words as she earned what she desired
You won't find her at a desk after such progress
No, you'll find this girl taking the company to success
A smile on her face that is no longer surpressed 
by the heartache and pain from the past of before
because her destiny she captured by taking a chance at the door



Wow!!! This poem is phenomenal. I can't believe no one has commented on this. It has a story. It has a rhythm. It has a heart and soul behind it. Even more, it is all craved into one humongous, well-structured poem. I really like it and I really like your determine vibe to do the impossible in your life. Keep writing on my friend :)!!!


Thank you so much ! I was worried no one really liked it and I was nervous posting it. I'm glad I got some feedback. I appreciate it a lot! 

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

when i read this poem, this reminds me of a story about pursuing something that you have a desire for

as you're pursuing, you get rejected

been there, but you know what, continue to be relentless

know that you stand out

this is a great poem, keep building your creative miind


Thank you so much! I appreciate you coming and reading this. It means a lot to me. I was nervous sharing it here.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

dont be nervous

you are the author to your poems

tell your own story

check out my poems and you see what i mean

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