One Job. One Path. No Money.

One job.

One path.

No money.

"You will get a job."

"There is no money in teaching."

"You will be great!"

"I would never have the patience to work in Special Education."

I am running through a sea of opinions when I have lost my own

Will I get a job? 

What will I do for money?

Will I be great? 

Do I have the patience? 


Close your eyes.

Think of your experiences.

You have been a teacher for your entire life.

Think of who you will be helping.

Think of who you have helped. 

Millions of students.

But who helped you?

Millions of mentors. 


A never ending battle of people helping others.

I choose to help others for a living. 

Not because of the money.

Not because I have nothing else to be.

It is because today's children are our future. 

Directly impacting our future?

I raise my hand to that.

I will get a job.

I will be great. 

I do have the patience. 

I have always had the patience.

I will always have the patience.

As for money, I am not going into teaching for the money,

Because frankly, teaching is not for the faint of heart.


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