My brain is hard wired to fear as it is to everyone.
Make a decision,
Make a decision,
My brain is saying to me.
One job change can change one's life.

Head is pounding and moving around.
Plus my heart rate is beating fast.
All because it can not decide if the change will be right.
However it is not only affecting me from the inside but also my outside.

Hands are shaking
Feet are shaking
short and quick breaths come out my mouth.
Hairs prickling on my back and all over my body.
Making my mind work quickly.
As a result it is building anticipation to see what will come out of my mouth.
I can't bare to hear what I might say.

All of a sudden my face had a ghastly whiteness spread all over it.
Because I had made a decision that,
I will have a job change,
Because I need to experience something new in my life.

Fear at times can take control of body and decisions.


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