The Dream of a Job

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 18:55 -- czybach


The purpose of life
Is to have purpose in life
Your purpose is your passion
Or maybe passion is your purpose,
Either way, it starts and ends with

Dad told me to find a way
to do what I’m passionate about
And get paid for it
And I’d always be happy.
But daddy,
What am I passionate about?
Who wants to pay me to read and write,
Take naps and stay out all night,
Eat Thai food and watch the street performers,
And hang out at the “artsy” corners?
Give me money to save the world,
Bring confidence to a scared little girl,
Or TEACH a man how to BE a man-
Respect in his heart and compassion from his hands.
I need a salary
For standing up to misogyny,
To racism and class warfare,
To Transphobia and unaffordable healthcare.
To massive corporations that pollute free air.
I want to get paid
To make change,
To give back,
To participate and procreate,
To AGITATE - and satiate -
The appetite of the sleeping giant,
that is all the people like me
Who are passionate
Sure that they aren’t machines
And a job is more than making green.
It’s about community,
can do for

My passion is service,
Revolution is my purpose,
But my dream job is just a dream,
And my bills are due
(taxes, too.)
So I guess I’ll be an accountant,
until I can surmount it.


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