The Badge and the Blue

Wed, 04/30/2014 - 23:21 -- Josh75

The Badge and the Blue

(An Ode to Law Enforcement Officers)


One job can change a life.

To fight evil in a world of strife,

To be the man that can save the day,

To pull back a child being led astray,

To bring the darkest secrets of the world to light,

And all so you can sleep at night.


No greater love hath a man,

When a stranger reaches out a hand,

Then to lift them up despite the cost,

Though his own life may be lost.

A daily choice made by those,

Who chose to travel this perilous road.


Vilified should they falter,

Despite how many lives they’ve altered.

They’ll protect your safety all the same,

Regardless if you care to know their name.

They stand together protecting peace;

Defending a world in dire need.


A hard life, lived by the restless;

Sacrifices made in the name of justice.

A dangerous path before me lay;

A hard decision finally made.

But I will proudly stand among the few,

Who chose to wear the Badge and Blue.



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