Just One Job

Just one job could change my life.

Whatever I might be…

No limits to my potential;

I am entirely free.

While others dream I’ll be the girl

to set it all in play.

For now I’m just a student,

I’ll be the queen one day.

Infinite possibilities

all at my finger tips,

Time to write my life’s story

and I know what I want to do with it.

Operating rooms all across America

are calling out to me.

Countless trauma patients,

needing only my, and only my ability.

Work well under pressure,

Think fast while you’re stressed.

Handle others’ panic,

Make confident decisions,

Don’t just hope for the best.

Crazy, unpredictable hours,

Expensive malpractice insurance.

This sounds stressful and hectic to others,

but it’s the one for me.

Saving lives everyday, who could ask for more?

I’d be a huge impact on my patients’ life,

That’s all I’d ever want.

Just one job could change their life...


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