It's not just my life

There are millions out there hiding.

No one knows where they are,

Out in the open.

Scared, angry, confused

In a ruthless cycle, neverending

A broken system that doesn’t help.

A spiral with one end,

Rippling into infinity.


Just give me a shot to discover

A chance to change.

Find a new way or fix an old;

Naive, Idealistic, but not impossible.

To flip this domino effect:

Morph the system

Rework the foundation

It’s not just a single person.


Not a doctor; at least not traditionally;

Nor a social worker,

Stuck with chains of mortality

Ephemeral, fleeting, momentary.

I want my work to endure,

Not just on page.

The human connections

Spanning the globe.


Hours in a lab,

Hours with other people

Diligence is required.

Complaining, griping, laughing, smiling

The payoff will be worth it.

There are people behind

These numbers waiting.


The brain is lock and key.

The mind, same and different for all,

Intertwined in the human element.

Homo sapiens, mankind, humanity

There must be a way,

To stop a fall,

Rewire a life

Before children die.


A dream can become

Reality, if solidified piece by piece.

A stairway to multiple landings,

Universes, possibilities, destinies.

One life can live,

If hundreds change

Thousands to millions

From one hand to another.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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