Sew Suitable



My dream job 

is not the job that I need

Most scream and sob 

but still don’t succeed

It’s a contest 

no matter how that I plead

A passion that’ll leave me jobless


And kneed

Working nights as a waiter

Waiting for my big break

Pay my way through school

Today’s special: What’s at stake

My dream and reality

Waiting a life time to meet

Scared for what’s unkown

Like a child under sheets

Money will be tight 

Like the clothes on my back

Cuz they’re all that I’ll have 

If I decide to slack

So I will attack

Leave my shoe print on the track

I’ll be running


In circles till I’m flossing

No plaque

So I have fresh perspective 

When I’m talking

So that I’m the prospective 


For their clothing

I want to design creativity

That you walk in

Listening to music

But sense of style’s what I’m composing

Posing for pictures 

At my first collection photoshoot

Leads to collaboration 

with virtuosos 

promo suits

Until I’m independent

Surrounded like Lesotho do

But till then

Working at Parsons on my mojo juice

No change in my pocket

But my life will be changed

My destiny altered



I’d do anything to get there

Happiness comes first

Dive into seas of fabric

Till I am immersed 

My life has been cursed

With so much passion

So I’ll take it and hem it

On the cutting edge of fashion


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