Wings/ Eating Disorders

I once was

A girl caged in lonliness; living nightmare

The devil on my back

Crawled in my head

Infected by the lies

A virus in my mind

creeping into my well being

A lifeless corpse of fragile bones

Crying out for mercy

Starved my body to the bone,

Yet my own reflection fed me illusions

A heartbeat growing fainter day by day; moment by moment

Saved by grace and Love from those who I couldn't understand; but now do

Their gentle eyes all I trusted

I now fly free


To give back:

pluck out the toxic images

scattered among our culture


Thin becoming the only ideal for beauty, happiness, success


Prove them all wrong

A counter culture

Where souls define us

Not the Shape or size of our bodies

Let them see they are beautiful

Birds with wings longing to fly

To be let go of the captivity

Help them understand

Deserving of breath, nourishment, joy


Let my struggles not be in vain

So I may be a voice to the speechless

A mind for the troubled

Let my struggles

Become a purpose

To aid in ending this battle of eating disorders


Let your wings be free

For you are more than what you see

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Wow this is so amazing!!! The power and emotionthat this poem beholds I can't imaine your struggle that you went through if this is your experience but stay strong

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