Class Is Now In Session

Dozens of bright smiles and glistening eyes,

All looking up at me as I proudly say,

“Hello children, my name is Ms. Mata”.

Sugar rushes and crashes in the morning,

Boxes of tissues are used up by noon,

 Friendly goodbyes are said at three o’clock.

The days go by and more memories are made

By the playground and throughout our classroom,

And in the long hallways throughout our school.

Nothing can make me smile more than they can

With their innocent looks and innocent ways

When it comes to the rest of the worlds actions.

New pretty dresses and freshly cut hair,

Everyone is dolled up just for one day,

Even I dress up because it’s Picture Day.

The school year is ending so I must

Take advantage of everything we do

And make more memories for me and for you.                

The last day is here and tears are in my eyes

Not because of sadness but because of joy, knowing

 I have impacted the lives of my students.

This is so much more than just a paycheck

And it shows in the manner of how I teach,

This one job won’t change my life it is my life. 


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