Numbers and Letters


Friend is a six letter word just like your six letter name.

Loyal is what you were when five letters meant nothing.

I used to love the four letter word you would jokingly call me as we walked down the hall.

There were three of us until you decided to leave.

Us two welcomed you back into our open arms when it was all over.

Too bad this one got left out after war had been declared.

Knife is a five letter word that you stabbed into my back.

You never are the kind four letter word you used to be.

A three letter word is the size of your ego.

The two of us will never be the same again.

This one heart slowly beats to the tune of that slow song we wished we danced to.

This time, four letters will get you nowhere.

The three musketeers have finally disbanded.

Your two hands have finally left my throat.

The one statement will never be forgotten.

Three times this has happened before.

Two times in one school year.

It just takes one time to shatter your heart. Two eyes with long lashes hide your emotions.

My one tear sheds as I watch it all happen.                           

This one heart cannot take anymore.

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