One Man, One Job, One World


Walking down the street

Suddenly life changed

I thought to myself

“I gotta stop being so disengaged,

It’s time to take control of my own life,

Be the man I want and end my strife”


Went home later on, started looking for a job

Something I could do without working with snobs.

Something to get me started on the path to innovation

Cause I want to change the world with my creations.


I had a plan, I’d start out small

With an entry-level place in a tech start-up.

Use that to pay for school, get my degree

Then go and face the world with only me.


Some would say it’s impossible for one man to fix the world

I say that if they believe so, then that’s absurd.

To find the true limits you’ve got to try the impossible

And really believe that you’re unstoppable.


Now I know I’m just one man,

And I’ve only had one job,

But I’m only trying to change one world, that’s all.


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