One... Just One (Aspire2Inspire)


We all know the story of Adam,

Eve, and the apple she bit which

damned every generation.

Because of that,

I'm afraid to take risks.

I might as well say I'm afraid to live.

I mean, what's life without risks?

My uncertainity is result of

having had no one to look up to. 

No one to nurture, leaving loving to nature,

I began to become a product of my environment.

It's quite ironic that

the death of your dreams can give you life.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome causing my 

right hand to swell, as well as the 

tear ducts of my eyes. A knot in my chest

following the diagnosis, I 

sat on my room floor and I cried.

How can I become a journalist when

I can't write? Now what am I living for?

I figured if I couldn't live what I loved, I

might as well not live at all.

Then I realized,

it would take two hands to commit suicide.

That's when it hit me.

There's more to me than just the writer.

My gift of gab and an ear for music

intertwined to give me new hopes. 

Radio Broadcasting.

Nuturing my ideas like a mother would her child.

I decided to devote my life not only to Christ but

to influence the younger generation.

Arming them with the knowledge of self-awarness,

supplying them with the role models that I never had.

Provoking the

development of the qualities they otherwise wouldn't have.

To teach them to pursue the stars and go far.

Farther than our ancestors could.

Like illmatic, all I need is One Mic and

That one mic will

give me that one chance.

The one chance to impact every listener,

To impact every ear that hears

my voice and

if I can affect one life,

just one life,

It'll all be worthwhile.

My life's purpose will be fulfilled.

I'll willingly throw away my hopes of

Being a wife and mother catering to a family

to provide love and guidance for a child who

would otherwise be without.

Just one night to 

Provide guidance and assurance to a hurting heart.

Just one time slot  to

say one phrase that someone will remember.

Maybe I just want to be remembered but

In the end,

Living my dreams will be

something to make my obituary cheerful.

Aspire to inspire; that's what we're here for.


Just One



This poem is beautiful and inspiring. You're poetry reminded me of Nas even before I read that line. Thank you so much for writing, and may God give you strength to achieve great things in your life :)

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